Urgent Volunteers Needed Today

We are 4 hours away from kick off and we still need 1 more parent for the first shift and two parents for the second. Please help support the Pack. https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/4090f4fabad22a3f49-20182

Volunteers Needed for Thursday

Volunteers are needed for this Thursday’s JV game. We are looking for 1 parent for the first shift and 2 parents for the second shift. Please use the link to sign up. Thank you for supporting the Pack!

Wolfpack Volunteers Needed for Thursday

Varsity parents We are looking for volunteers for this Thursday’s JV game. We need 1 parent for the first half, 2 for the second and 1 more for chain gang. If you can help, please use the link. Thanks Wolfpack! https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/4090f4fabad22a3f49-20182

Varsity Banners For Tonight

Hello Varsity Wolfpack Families! Tonight is our first home game!!! If you ordered a banner from Focal Instincts, please bring that banner tonight, up to 15 minutes before the game and ask a PSG member where to take them. We will be hanging them up and taking them down for every home game. We will […]

Almost there! Need a few more volunteers please!

The PACK still needs your help for tonight’s game! 1- parent volunteer to sit at the cash box from 7:30 to closing of the main snack bar 2- students to work the visitors snack bar 5-7:45pm (Visitors snack bar closes after half time) 2- students to work the main snack bar from 5-7:45 3- students […]

VIP & Season Passes

VIP and Season Passes are still available for purchase for today’s game!! Please see Russ Staffieri of the PSG before the game today at the VIP/Season Pass Entrance on the South Side of the Stadium, closest to the Senior parking lot. He will be there from 6:00 – 6:45 tonight. VIP Passes are $85 and […]

Volunteer Info For Tomorrow

A big shout out to our Frosh & JV Pack. Great job representing the PACK today! Tomorrow is our Varsity game and we are just about covered with volunteers but could use a few more adults for the first and second half, and a few more student volunteers for the second half. Volunteers for Varsity […]

Info for Frosh Game Volunteers

All student volunteers must have a wristband, WSB card and/or wear their Red Wave shirt or jersey for free entry. If your student would like to receive credit for volunteer hours, they must bring their community service log. The person running their shift will sign it. If they do not check in or bring their […]

Volunteers for Varsity Game

We are only two days away from our first Varsity home game! We are still looking for a few more volunteers. Please use the link to sign up. Sign Up to Volunteer for the Varsity Game Friday 8/22/2018 Players and students will receive community service hours but they MUST bring their log sheet. Thank you […]