Current VIP Season Ticket Holders

Hello Wolfpack Family!
It’s finally that time again! Football is on the horizon! This post is for last seasons Varsity VIP season ticket holders and renewal of your tickets. IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO RETURN FOR NEXT SEASON, PLEASE RESPOND AND LET ME KNOW ASAP. If returning VIP season ticket holders DO NOT RESPOND with a deposit of their seats, the seats WILL BE RELEASED and you will no longer have them. Please respond no later than May 31st. Again, if we do not hear back from you by May 31st, you WILL lose your seats and have to wait until the link opens again on June 7th to find new seats. 
Please use the link to place a deposit to hold your seats for the 2019 Wolfpack Football VIP Seats. You must have a $40 deposit for each seat you are wanting to retain. If you have 2 seats, your deposit would be $80, 4 seats $160 etc. If you  want to release some of your seats (have 4 but this season only want 2), just place the deposit for the number of seats you want to have and in the box below, please notate the ones you want to keep. If you no longer want to hold your seats, just email me (for fastest response) and let me know that you are not returning and I will be able to free those seats up for more Wolfpack families. 
THESE DEPOSITS ARE FOR THE SEATS YOU CURRENTLY HOLD so only make the deposit for those seats. We aren’t trading seats at this point. If you are wanting to move, you will have to wait until the end of this period (Today through May 31st) Starting on June 7th, the open seats will be available on a first come first bases (time stamp emails). So you can do one of two things, pay your deposit to hold seats then trade at the later date. Or, you can release your current seats and wait for the open date of June 7th and purchase your seats then. The final payments as well as new VIP seats, Varsity, JV and Frosh General admission season tickets will go on sale June 7th through August 2nd. Passes will be available for pick up after the close date.
If you have any questions, please email me ASAP.

Thank you!
Go Pack!

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