GOHS Football Families

Sometimes it seems like we do a lot of fundraisers and ask a lot of our football families. If you are a Ralph’s shopper, we’d like to present an opportunity for the football program to earn a percentage of your purchases at Ralph’s through their donations program.

Ralph’s offers a community outreach program, which will donate a percentage (up to 4%) of what you spend on your purchases, back to our team. This program does not cost you anything and does not affect any of your other Ralph’s savings, such as fuel discounts, etc.
This is a donation from Ralph’s to our football program as a “Thank You” for having our football families as loyal customers.
There is NO limit to who can be a part of this program!
So, ask your moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, etc. to participate and be a part of this easy fundraiser.
To participate, you must link your Ralph’s card to the program. It’s so simple! Just print out the attached form below (or save it to your phone) and the next time you go through the checkout line at Ralph’s, have the cashier scan the bar code and the bar code on your Ralph’s card and your card will automatically be linked to the program. It’s that easy. You need only to do it once, and then every time you make a purchase with your Ralph’s card a portion of the sale (up to 4%) is donated to our team.
The sooner you sign up your Ralph’s card, the sooner Ralph’s will begin donating to our team!
Please sign up as soon as you can!
Thank you Ralph’s, GOHS football families and friends for supporting our program!
Ralphs Rewards

Your generous contributions are tax deductible, Football PSG falls under the umbrella of GOALS as a 501c (3), Non-profit, public benefit corporation, formed by supporters of Great Oak High School (GOHS).  Federal Tax identification # 20-1127880

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