Summer Camp Postponed

Hello Wolfpack Football Families, We will NOT be holding Summer camp as it is postponed,  We do NOT have a new date.  We are under the direction of the Riverside County Health Department, therefore, we are not allowed to hold this camp at this time.  We will update as soon as we know.  
I STRONGLY recommend you sign up for our remind updates that can come as texts as well as the APP.  Here is the link if you are NOT already signed up for a remind.  These updates go out first.  
If your player is not part of the google classroom with Coach Roelof please have your player log in from their TVUSD email and email Coach Roelof at  He will add them to the football classroom.  They also get information directly from the coaches and it is often before we parent volunteers get it.  
Lastly, we are not sending out many emails.  (I know this is different than years past 


)  However, we are at a standstill as is most of the City/County/State/Country.  If you have not received an email, I encourage you to check our Facebook account, website, &/or look at your remind messages.  If there is no info on any platform, there is simply nothing new to report.  Unfortunately, we don’t have any inside knowledge or answers.  
Thank you for your support! 

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