In order to run a successful football program, we need your continued support and help raising funds.

Each season, we ask our Pack families for a transportation contribution of $100, and a snack bar contribution of $25, for the purchase of food and drinks served at each home game. In addition to your participation in other various fundraisers during the season, we can provide new equipment and other needed items for the players and program.

These contributions go directly to the program to cover transportation to and from away games. Each snack bar contribution is used solely for the purchase of food & drinks. If you choose not to contribute $25 for the snack bar, we ask that you provide an item equal to the amount for the season at the upcoming tailgate on August 4th.

ALL of the items sold at the snack bar during the home games come directly from the PSG Football program. The school/district does NOT provide funding for these items.

Last year transportation costs were over $9,000, which was NOT covered by the school/district. This cost is billed directly to the Pack football program, which is why contributions are crucial.

Last season, we did not raise enough funds and the football program was affected by the shortage.

 All football ticket sales at the gate go directly to the WSB and it benefits all GOHS programs, not just football. For funds to go directly to the football program, we ask that you purchase season tickets. This will insure our program receives the funds.

Your continued generosity and support are vital to maintain the success of the football program.

To donate please use the link below:

Transportation & Snack Bar Contribution

Thank you for supporting the Wolfpack!


Your generous contributions are tax deductible, Football PSG falls under the umbrella of GOALS as a 501c (3), Non-profit, public benefit corporation, formed by supporters of Great Oak High School (GOHS).  Federal Tax identification # 20-1127880



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