Varsity Season Ticket Reminder

The season is almost here!

Tickets are selling fast and there are a limited amount of seats left.

Seats are available on a first come, first served basis.

Time stamped receipts will determine seat selection requests if a payment is made online. There is a comment section where a 1st and 2nd choice can be made. Seats are not guaranteed until payment is received. A confirmation email will be sent confirming requested seat(s) or if changes are needed based on availability for both online and check payments.

All tickets paid in full will be available for pick up at the tailgate Saturday, August 4th.

*Seating will not be provided for the scrimmage on August 10th.*
*Due to feedback, effective June 15th, VIP ticket holders can use their own chairs or borrow one of the limited stadium chairs that will be available to the VIP section. VIP ticket holders will need to show their pass by the VIP entrance to receive a chair and return it to the same location after the game.*

If you made a deposit for your Varsity pass, the balance is due on Friday, July 20th. Payment can be made online or with a check made out to GOALS FOOTBALL.  The address is:




Online payments are encouraged.

$85 VIP Varsity Season Tickets Include:

VIP Varsity Entrance & one Wolfpack drink cup with $1 refills at the snack bar for the season, VIP Parking, VIP Seating at the 50 yard line.

Thank you for your continued support!

Your generous contributions are tax deductible, Football PSG falls under the umbrella of GOALS as a 501c (3), Non-profit, public benefit corporation, formed by supporters of Great Oak High School (GOHS).  Federal Tax identification # 20-1127880
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